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We are highly experienced open-source developers and designers, having built many sites using the own CMS platform. Seek success, seek solutions!


Excellence in design, layout and navigation structure spotless are critical to the success of a website. We work from simple sites to complex portals.


Hosting your website can be just as important as the coding of your site. You want to make sure your website stays run 24/7 for your online customers.


The easiest and most powerful ways to stream Video/audio live and on demand streaming servers and integrate it into your communication strategy.

Digital Marketing

Implement techniques of using the Internet and social media to advertise and sell products and services.

Why Choose Us


Our vision is to become one of the leading web solutions companies in the Middle East, Africa and worldwide providing clients with unique and creative website design, development, e-commerce and e-marketing services with the latest technological features and innovations applied.


Our mission is to deliver great experiences that improve people's lives, while sharing our advances in the field of website design and development with our clients, partners, and peers.


From the very beginning Click was seeking to make its goals clear and consistent, which can be summarized in the following points:
• Raising the general level of web solutions at the local and international markets.
• Utilizing all available resources to achieve the best integrated web solutions.
• Adding value to the clients' business development and progress due to our web solutions.

The speedy development in the field of information technology needs hard work and devotion, and we - as a specialized company in this field - are always seeking for enhancing ourselves and making benefit from our experience in the local and Arabic market of the successful projects to find the right way that suits the nature of this progress in the information technology field. So, we always do our best to provide a wide range of creativity and reach high level of technical solutions.

Our Team

Click consists of many specialists with many different backgrounds - yet we are one strong company, one strong team with a common understanding of corporate goal and objectives. Our purpose for employees is to be in a company in which they are supported, developed and encouraged to fulfill their potential, to contribute to the company’s growth and success, and collectively feel pride in our common achievements.

Graphic Design, Flash, JavaScript, Client & Server Side Scripting, XML, HTML and DHTML are just some of the tools in our arsenal. Our website developers provide dynamic website development using such tools as Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), Scripting and JavaScript to make sure you have a solid online web presence. Our internal values help inform our behavior towards one another, guide how we operate and support and reinforce our external brand attributes.

Our web designers and developers have the unique talent and creative skills to appeal to your sense of style, knowledge of current web development standards and practices, and the ability to turn your ideas into reality! Click has planned, created and launched many of successful websites for many different types of businesses, organizations, News, government websites, entertainment and events.